droptop four

Dropdown menu bar & app launcher for Windows & Rainmeter


  • 300 home button icons

  • 12 fully-customizable toolbars

  • 22 themes to choose from

suggested donation:  $5


  • 7 home button icons

  • 6 fully-customizable toolbars

  • 4 themes to choose from


Current version: 4.25

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300 home icons

Choose from a selection of 300 home button icons

6 additional toolbars

Utilize up to 12 toolbars to launch apps and organize your PC

Over 20 new themes

Comes pre-built with over 20 themes to browse through


Always show Droptop

Droptop mimics the behavior of menu bars that exist on several other operating systems, floating above your windows to allow quick and easy access to your applications at all times.


Autohide and Desktop-Only modes are also available.

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13 system tray apps

Droptop comes pre-equipped with 13 unique apps, allowing quick and easy access to many necessary functions, as well as notifications for elements such as your Gmail inbox, current weather conditions, and more...

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Over 20 new themes

Choose from a selection of 22 themes that alter

the look & feel of your desktop and dropdown menus.

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Droptop was created with the assistance of the Rainmeter Community, and is categorized under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license, 2018

Droptop wasn't created without help! See credits

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