Dropdown menu bar & app launcher for Windows & Rainmeter

A credit to the plugin creators

"FileView" by Brian

"Backlight" by cfixd

"MouseXY" by Fawxy

"FrostedGlass" by theAzack9

"IsFullScreen" by jsmorley

"Chameleon" by Socks the Fox

"ReScale" by nicegamer7

"WebNowPlaying" by Trevor Hamilton

"PowerShell Rainmeter" by Khanhas

A credit to the lua script & addon creators

"LuaCalendar" by Smurfier

"DropScroll" by Brian

Some designs inspired by

"Yosemite Menu Bar" by rabra

"Dynamic for Rainmeter" by Eclectic-Tech

"Polybar" by Khanhas

RSS feeds used

Weather information by Yahoo Weather

Currency information by Currencyfeed.com

Special thanks to

The Rainmeter development team

The Rainmeter community at-large

The Rainmeter Discord Channel

JelleDekkers (JelleDekkers.nl)

Language translations by

Emirhan Turan, Turkish (Instagram)

Timur, German (YouTube)

Urim Berisha, Albanian (YouTube)

Thomas Koppelaar, Dutch (Github)

Pavel Klimenko, Russian (VK)

Emmanuel Viller, French (b-prod.net)

Lucas Persi de Souza, Portuguese

Droptop was created by

Thomas Sven Whittaker (Black Square)

Contact me @ Droptopfour@gmail.com

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