Dropdown menu bar & app launcher for Windows & Rainmeter

From Version 4.28

  • The user can now define up to 5 custom command shortcuts for any application in the Application app

  • 95% of all user settings will now be preserved when updating to a newer version
    (Note: This update will not preserve user settings, but future updates will)

  • Added Polish language option (Thank you to Kamil Pyszkowski & Eniuu)

  • Added new option to enable media playback buttons for the Volume app that appear in the top bar

  • Added option to hide the mail count for the Gmail app in the top bar

  • Added option for the Recent app to show only recent files of a certain name or filetype

  • Weather app now uses Weather.com instead of Yahoo Weather, which brings improved weather accuracy and better international language support

  • Added new weather icons by Jelle Dekkers to the Weather app

  • Added button to manually refresh weather data to Weather app

  • Added current time, including seconds, to the Time app

  • Japanese, Italian, and French calendars now available in the Time app

  • Minor aesthetic improvements

  • General bug fixes

From Version 4.27

  • Performance and stability improvements

  • Added new font selection interface to change the font, font size, and icon size to the Appearance tab (Under the "More" tab) of the Droptop settings menu

  • Input language app now triggers Hangul for Korean and other languages when middle-clicked

  • Added region-specific time formats for some languages (Japanese and Italian)

  • Added Slovak, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese language options.
    Thank you to Bunz, Miroslav Tatranský, Abdullah Omar Al-Jumaili and 吉田優騎 for the translations (
    See credits)

  • Replaced SNES theme with "Elementary OS" theme

  • "Nothing is playing right now" now automatically hides itself with "Always show song title" enabled when nothing is playing

  • Exchange app now has a button to manually refresh exchange rates

  • Added option to set search app to toggle the Alt+Space menu instead of the Win+S menu (For use with PowerToys, etc.)

  • Minor aesthetic changes to the Discord, Gameboy, and Terminal themes

  • Languages with incompatibilities with certain theme fonts will now default to Droptop Roboto font

  • Added new FAQ and Discord buttons to the Support tab of the Droptop settings menu

  • Other minor aesthetic tweaks and changes

  • General bug fixes

From Version 4.26

  • Wi-Fi icon now indicates if there is no internet

  • New option to skew the top bar's mouse-over highlight shape

  • Middle-clicking on the Input Language app will now quick toggle multiple languages

  • Added Spanish language option. Thank you to André Cuervo - YouTube

  • New applications menu. Includes functions to force close the current app, open app folder, open app via command-line, and create a shortcut for the app in a specified folder

  • Added option to advanced options to switch .EXE to .AHK for launching AHK scripts for faster load times for users with AHK installed on their PC

  • Added show desktop button to the top-right corner

  • Search button now launches search immediately on click

  • Added new + and - buttons to desktop navigator to add or remove desktops

  • Scrolling the shutdown or restart power buttons will now display minutes for a timed restart/shutdown

  • Added new "Change submenu arrow" option to the More tab in Appearance settings

  • Added option to remove leading zeros in time

  • Fixed a bug where time would not update if Center Clock is enabled

  • Fixed a bug where the exchange app may randomly crash Droptop

  • Performance and stability improvements

  • Big Sur and Chrome OS themes now have unique luminosity thresholds for switching between light and dark modes

  • Exchange app now has option for a custom conversion from any currency to any other currency

From Version 4.25

  • Toolbars and apps can now be reorganized in any order. Right-click on the toolbars/apps to find new up/down arrows used to set their position.

  • New "Big Sur" theme (Supporter version)

  • Battery app now has the option to display remaining percentage.

  • Added new "Modify clipboard case" option to the Paperclip app: Changes the casing of a string copied to the clipboard. (eg. "Change some text" to "CHANGE SOME TEXT")

  • Added new "Take a screenshot" button the the Paperclip app.

  • Middle-clicking on the Action Center button now triggers Show Desktop.

  • Middle-clicking on the Home button now launches the Start Menu.

  • Added new System Tray button to view the standard Windows system tray apps from Droptop.

  • Search button now opens the Win+S menu (Windows 10)

  • Added new Desktop Navigator option (disabled by default) to navigate between multiple desktops. Right-click on the apps to find the toggle to enable this option.

  • Added new Applications menu to navigate open programs.

  • Fixed battery app brightness slider causing crashing on slower machines.

  • "Sierra" theme renamed Catalina - Catalina theme and Chrome OS theme now shift automatically between Dark and Light modes depending on the luminosity of the wallpaper image.

  • Fixed an issue where an automatic wallpaper color would sometimes not change on slower machines.

  • Added Portuguese language option (Thank you to Lucas Persi de Souza)

  • Menus now show extensions by default (.URL and .LNK are always hidden)

  • Submenus now follow its toolbar settings (Hide extensions, sort by name/type/size, etc.)

  • Added new Input Language app, a simple keyboard language switcher for users with multiple keyboard layouts.

  • Mail app now shows remaining number of unread emails, as well as the authors of the next 3 unread.

From Version 4.24

  • Recompiled the Droptop space reservation addon, now titled "Droptop Rainmeter". Addon will no longer show in the alt+tab selection screen.

  • Some dropdown menus now have functioning context menus when right-clicking on an item.

  • Substantial stability and performance improvements.

  • Added tooltip to the volume app when "YouTube etc." is selected to guide user to required browser extension for WebNowPlaying support.

  • Added Action Center button to the system tray that toggles the Windows Action Center.

  • Calendar button in Time app now opens the Windows 10 default calendar app. On Windows 8 and earlier, the option defaults to Google Calendar.

  • Support tab now shows credits of who contributed to Droptop.

  • Minor bug fixes and aesthetic improvements.

From Version 4.23

  • Added new option to move Droptop to a non-primary display when using Desktop-only and Autohide modes.

  • Added new option to stretch the top bar over multiple monitors.

  • Fixed a bug with a recent Rainmeter update that caused menus to be unclickable.

  • Droptop now works properly with touchscreens.

  • Added Russian language option. Thank you to Pavel Klimenko - VK

  • Added French language option. Thank you to Emmanuel Viller - b-prod.net

  • Default shortcuts will now automatically rename themselves to the chosen language on first install. (Turkish and German not yet supported)

  • Added new "Bluetooth options" submenu to the Wifi app.

  • Toolbars and apps will now open without needing to click when hovered over while the bar has focus.

  • Settings menu will now shrink slightly when using a display with a vertical resolution less than 1000 pixels.

  • Clicking on the song name/artist in the Volume app will now search Google for that song's lyrics.

  • Minor aesthetic and general improvements.

  • Stability improvements.

From Version 4.22

  • Added multi-language support. New languages added are Albanian, Dutch, German, and Turkish. Also added US, Canadian, and UK English variants. Thank you to the translators that volunteered their time for these languages. See their credits here. (More languages to come in the next update)

  • Added new option "Use app name for first toolbar". Sets name of "Pinned Apps" toolbar to name of currently-selected app, similar to MacOS. For example, focusing on a Chrome browser window will dynamically set the first toolbar's name to "Chrome".

  • Improved automatic color selection when "Set color by desktop wallpaper" is enabled. Color now is dependent on the color directly beneath the bar, rather than the entire wallpaper.

  • Added option to set Time Format for Time app/Center clock.

  • When center clock is enabled, clicking on center clock now opens the Time app.

  • Battery app is now an icon (instead of plain text). Option to toggle between text and icon in Options tab of the settings menu.

  • DroptopWorkareaAppBar.exe (For handling reserving work area when Always Show mode is enabled) now closes properly on exiting Droptop or Rainmeter.

  • Added "Discord" theme (Replaces Whisper theme)

  • Added "Super NES" theme (Replaces RobCo theme)

  • Added "Classic" theme (Replaces Greenlean theme)

  • Default theme has been changed to match the Windows 10 aesthetic.

  • Added option to toggle shadow effect for all themes.

  • Minor aesthetic improvements & changes.

  • Minor stability & performance improvements.

From Version 4.21

  • Replaced the source of weather data from The Weather Channel to Yahoo Weather. Weather locations are now detected and set automatically. Added option to use a static location to the settings menu.

  • Added WebNowPlaying plugin support. Selecting "Youtube etc." from the list of preferred media players in the Volume app, in conjunction with a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension, allows the Volume app to control websites in your browser such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify Web, and Tidal.

  • Added six new buttons to the Volume app, including Repeat, Shuffle, Thumbs up, Thumbs down, and skip {X} seconds forward/backward buttons. *Not fully compatible with Spotify or Windows Media Player.

  • Automute function now affected by both mouse and keyboard inputs

  • 1 additional mail item will now be visible in the Gmail app

  • Windows 7 is now supported. *Incomplete feature. v4.22 will fix minor glitches with Windows 7

  • Selecting the SSID/IP in the Wifi app opens additional information about your network

  • Added option to enable fade effects when opening menus

  • Added option to change the number of milliseconds of delay to reveal the bar in autohide mode

  • Various bug fixes and minor visual improvements

From Version 4.20

  • Added option to display icons in submenus, disabled by default. The option to enable this feature is in the More section in the Appearance tab of the settings menu

  • Added new "Mute when inactive for..." option in the Volume app. When enabled, and when the cursor is inactive for a period of time, the volume is automatically reduced to zero. When the cursor is moved again, volume returns to its original value. Function automatically pauses itself when using a fullscreen application, such as a game. Intended to help preserve battery life for wireless headphones that have an auto-off feature when no sound is playing

  • Added option to change the middle-click behavior for files and folders in the Options tab of the settings menu.

  • Pinned Apps will now auto-populate with user-specific apps on first install

  • Battery app now opens significantly faster

  • Various bug fixes

From Version 4.19

  • Added new Chrome OS theme for the supporter version

  • Significantly reduced Droptop's CPU usage by allocating background processes to a dedicated skin — CPU usage should now be 0% when Droptop is not in use, idle in the background

  • Stability improvements and load/refresh times reduced

  • Added new "Personalized list" menu to the Paperclip app that allow you to add your own custom strings to be quickly copyable to your clipboard (Such as MAC Addresses or other bits of information)

  • Changed size and shape of various dialog windows (No longer fullscreen)

  • Fixed issues where wifi and battery apps did not always display accurate data

  • Droptop now requires Rainmeter 4.4 or higher (Download Rainmeter 4.4 here)

From Version 4.17

  • Overhaul of how Droptop reserves screen space, no longer using the out-dated Rainmeter built-in option. Windows will no longer move behind the Droptop bar when the workarea settings are refreshed, and will significantly reduce loading times across the app and improve overall application stability.

  • New exchange rate app that will compare the current top 10 international currencies. Currencies can be set to be compared between Euro, USD, and the GBP.

  • Overhaul of the downloads and recent files apps. Both apps now launch up to 5x faster when opened, and both apps now have a new trash can button. The trash can button will delete all of your recent file browsing history from the recent app, and delete all of your downloads from the downloads folder (specifically files, not folders). The downloads app will now also show you the current size of the downloads folder. Both have a confirmation button to prevent accidental deletes.

  • New "Enable High DPI scaling override" option in General options in Settings. Enable this if using Rainmeter with high DPI scaling override. This will provide a significantly crisper and pixel-perfect experience with higher resolution displays.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

From Version 4.18

  • Calendar in Time app is now scrollable, browse preceding and upcoming months, and added Google Calendar shortcut button

  • Toolbar titles and system tray apps will no longer overlap one another when resolution changes or increasing Droptop scale size

  • Added option to change username in the General tab of Droptop settings menu

  • Stability improvements, resulting in less (hopefully none) random crashes

  • Removed over 30MB of unused files

  • Performance improvements to weather, volume, and battery app

  • Fixed the exchange app not displaying properly and improved app's appearance

  • A collection of minor general improvements

From Version 4.16

  • Fix for font position issues with Roboto font on some machines

  • Added percentage number to volume and backlight sliders in the Volume and Battery apps

  • Added link to "View radar weather map" to the Weather app

  • Added "Lock..." option to the list of power options in the Home app

  • Minor performance improvements

From Version 4.15

  • Revamped setup menu

  • Switching between Always Show, Autohide, and Desktop Only modes will no longer require Rainmeter to be reopened

  • Minor aesthetic and performance improvements

From Version 4.14

  • Performance and aesthetic improvements

  • Droptop color scheme will now update instantly when the desktop wallpaper image is changed

  • Exiting Rainmeter or Droptop will no longer require a restart of Windows Explorer

  • Fixed weather images not displaying properly on some machines

  • New weather condition images for the weather app

From in Version 4.13

  • Complete overhaul of settings menu with a simplified UI that accommodates high resolution displays

  • The Windows taskbar can now be placed on either the bottom or the left side of the screen in Always Show mode

  • Reserved space for the Windows taskbar is now updated automatically when the taskbar is moved or resized

  • Added "Adjust work area" option to the right-click menu to manually adjust the reserved work area for the Windows taskbar

  • Droptop can now be scaled in increments of 10% up to 200% in the settings menu

  • Added option to hide email previews in Gmail app

  • New animated tutorial skin for new users

  • Minor bug fixes and aesthetic improvements

From in Version 4.12

  • Added "Move Droptop to other monitor" submenu to Droptop right-click menu

  • Fix for DesktopWorkarea not resetting after exiting a fullscreen application

  • Dialog menus now scale with Droptop

From Version 4.11

  • Improved high-resolution app icons

  • Improved high-resolution home icons

  • General fixes and improvements

From Version 4.10

  • Added new Reposition Windows context menu option

  • Added preview button for themes (See themes)

  • Added new option to the Advanced settings menu to apply the top-screen space reservation to a secondary monitor

  • Removed Clipboard History plugin due to incompatibilities with newer versions of Windows 10

  • Fix for default font not matching preview images when installed

  • Fix for DesktopWorkArea not properly resetting after closing Rainmeter or unloading Droptop

  • Fix for Droptop not automatically hiding itself when opening low resolution fullscreen applications

  • Added protections to recover Droptop's config settings in the event of a layout overwrite

  • Optimizations, aesthetic, and general improvements.

From Version 4.09

  • Skipped v4.08 because this update includes content worthy of 2 cycles

  • New scale option to enlarge suite by up to 200%

  • Improved and optimized settings menu

  • New Whisper, Senja, Greelean, Minimalist, and Dapill themes

  • Improved RobCo, Terminal, Flat & Solid themes, and Sierra themes

  • New "Move & Drag" option to move Droptop to any monitor

  • Improved right-click context menu

  • New high resolution icons

From Version 4.07

  • Added new "Hide dropdown menu bar" option to the right-click dialogue menu

  • "Move Droptop to another monitor" is now restricted to Autohide and Desktop-Only modes

  • Changed the composition of the RMSKIN package to simplify upgrading to newer versions

  • Fixed clipboard history not properly tracking all clipboard entries

  • Fixed issue with center clock not updating when the standard clock is disabled

  • Minor aesthetic changes and improvements

From Version 4.06

  • Improved Tranquil Mini theme

  • Folders in the last available submenu will now display dots to differentiate them between files

  • Added option to display clock in the center of the Droptop bar

  • Added option to toggle Droptop menu bar blur

  • Minor aesthetic changes and improvements

From Version 4.05

  • Improved color scheme for Free-Float theme

  • Fix for font position in Cathode, Terminal, and RobCo themes on some machines

  • Fix for Backlight plugin sometimes crashing Rainmeter when changing monitor brightness

  • Fix for "Open folder location" button opening the Games folder instead of Pinned Apps

  • Now restricted to Windows 10 only due to compatibility issues with Windows 7

From Version 4.04

  • Added Color Schemes settings menu category

  • 21 new color presets to choose from

  • New "Modify Color Scheme" option

  • New RobCo theme (for Supporter Version)