How to make an app

Before you begin** You should have a basic understanding of how to create skins with Rainmeter. Get help on the forums or on the Rainmeter Discord.

Step 1
Navigate to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Droptop Community Apps\Apps\

Step 2
Copy and paste one of these apps you'd like to use as a template for creating your app. Rename the folder to the name of your app, followed by your name. For example, rename "Sample_App-Cariboudjan - Copy" to "System_Monitor-John_Smith".

IMPORTANT - Your folder's name must be one word with no spaces, like in the example above. Use an underscore in the place of a space, and use a dash to separate the app name from the author's name. It's recommended that you use the format shown above.

Example: App_Name-Your_Name

Step 3
Refresh Rainmeter.

Step 4
Go to the Droptop home button >> Select "Droptop settings" >> "Community Apps" >> Select a slot >> Select your new app. Your app should now be enabled in Droptop, ready for editing.

Step 5
In your app's folder, edit the CustomApp.ini file. Edit the "NumberOfItems" variable to reflect the number of items in your dropdown menu (Maximum 10). Change "NumberOfBoxes" to reflect how many boxes you'll be using (Maximum 5).

Step 6

Below that, you'll see ItemTextX, ItemIsFolderX, and ItemActionX. These represent each item in the Dropdown menu, in order from the topmost item to the bottommost item in the list. If ItemIsFolderX is a folder that opens more options, set that value to 1. Otherwise, set it to 0.

Step 7
Set each item's action. To set an action, you must have an understanding of Rainmeter bangs. Bangs are instructions of what action to perform when that item is selected.

Step 8
After you've made a few items for your dropdown menu, now you can make icons for your dropdown menu. First, create a fun button for your app in the top bar. Find or create any 32x32 icon for your app. Drag the icon file to your Home button in the top-left corner of Droptop. Your icon will become the new home button. Now you can navigate to \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Droptop Folders\Other files\Home\ and copy 2 files named "Button.png" and "ButtonS.png'". Paste those two files to \Droptop Community Apps\Apps\Your_App-Your_Name\Button\Medium\.

The free software GIMP is useful for creating your own icon or editing an existing icon you found on the web. The icon should be 32x32 dimensions.

Step 9
You can now also make icons for all of your individual items in the dropdown menu. Under the "Icons" folder, you can replace these icons with any 32x32 icon. The icon you create should always be a pure white color. The canvas size of each icon should remain the same.

Step 10
Repeat this step for any submenus you've created for your app. Go to Folder\Icons\ and set the icons in the same way as you did in Step 9 for the folder number that corresponds to the position of that submenu in the dropdown menu.

Step 11
Continue editing the CustomApp.ini until it meets the design you had in mind. When you're finished, proceed to compile and share your app with the world.

Note: In the Variables folder of your app, any variables you would like to be preset for the user should be stored in "". Any of these variables set or changed by the user should be written to "". Variables written to this location will supersede any matching variables in

Built-in variables:

Equals the slot number your app is in (equals 1, 2, or 3)


Equals the name of your app

Equals the the name of your app only if your app is active - If not active, equals nothing.

Equals 0 if your app is active - 1 if inactive.

How to share your app

Step 1
If your app requires any special plugins, navigate to App_Name-Your_Name\Plugins\ and move any 32-bit and 64-bit plugin .dll binaries to the 32bit and 64bit folders respectively.

Step 2
Go to Droptop Settings >> Support >> Developer tools >> Generate .rsmkin >> Select your app

Step 3
When the compiler is finished, an Explorer window will appear with your installable .rmskin package

Step 4
Share your creation on the Droptop Discord #app-releases channel.

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