Dropdown menu bar & app launcher for Windows & Rainmeter

Gmail isn't working

Problem: Mail is not appearing in the Gmail app.

Solution: Try...

  • Enable "less secure apps" in Gmail.

    1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps​

    2. Enable the option

    • Note: Ensure that the Gmail account is the same Gmail account you want to use with Droptop.

  • Using 2-Step Verification? Create an app password for use with Rainmeter & Droptop

    • Follow the tutorial from Google found here.

    • Use the password to login to your Gmail account through Droptop.

  • Check your Gmail account settings

    1. In the Droptop settings >> Options >> Apps >> Mail​ menu, set your Gmail username and password

    2. Press enter to confirm your entry after typing

Problem: I received an email saying that "Somebody tried to log into my account"


  • You tried to log in to Droptop before "less secure apps" was enabled with Gmail

    1. No one actually attempted to log into your account. No one has your log in information except you. The "Somebody" that tried to log into your account was you, but Gmail did not recognize you. Enabling "less secure apps" will resolve this error.

I want to move Droptop to another display

Tip: You can move Droptop to another monitor, or stretch Droptop over multiple monitors by right clicking on an empty portion of the bar, selecting "Move to monitor" and selecting one of the options. "Always Show Droptop" mode must be disabled and each monitor in your setup must have the same resolution. However, if you have monitors with different resolutions, see the solution below:

Problem: My multi-monitor setup has displays with different resolutions. How do I move Droptop to the other monitor?


  • Manually move Droptop

    1. Open the file Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Droptop\@Resources\GlobalVar\UserSettings.inc

    2. Find the variable "BarXposOffset="

    3. Change the value "0" to "500" to move Droptop 500 pixels to the right or "-500" to move Droptop 500 pixels to the left.

    4. Save the file and refresh Droptop to see the changes. Change "500" to any number of pixels until the bar has moved to the correct location on your display.

    5. Once the bar is in the correct spot, you can change the size of the bar to fit the screen.

    6. In the same file, find the variable "BarLengthOffset="

    7. Change the value "0" to "500" to stretch the bar 500 pixels to the right or "-500" to shrink the bar 500 pixels to the left.

    8. Save the file and refresh Droptop to see the changes. Change "500" to any number of pixels until the bar is the correct size for your display.

I want to change the name of an application on the bar

Problem: An application I'm using isn't the name I want displayed on the bar


  • Create your own substitution

    1. To add your own substitution, go to:

    2. In this file, find the variable UserAppSubstitutions=

    3. In this variable, add this to the end of the line:

    4. Replace "Explorer" with the current application name, and "Finder" with the new application name.

    5. So the end of the line would look like, for example: "^(.{18})(.{19,})":"\1","Explorer":"Finder"

    6. Save the file and refresh Rainmeter.

    7. "Explorer" will now be substituted for "Finder". This process can be done for any application name.

      • Note: Must be exact words and is case-sensitive.

      • Tip: If the substitution doesn't work, try adding (?is) to the beginning of Explorer to make the line case-insensitive. For example:​​ ,"(?is)Explorer":"Finder"

      • Tip: If the application's name's first character is a lowercase letter (eg. iTunes), use a non-space character as the first letter in your substitution. For example: ,"iTunes","[\x200B]iTunes"

Droptop is slow

Problem: Droptop is slow.

Solution: Try...

  • Enable Hardware Acceleration

    1. Right-click on the Rainmeter icon in the Windows system tray (it's rain drop shaped)

    2. Select "Manage"

    3. Select the Settings tab

    4. Check box "Use hardware acceleration (Requires restart)"

    5. Exit and re-open Rainmeter to set the changes.

    • Note: Some PCs may have issues with hardware acceleration turned on, including slower performance and graphical glitches. If these occur, disable hardware acceleration.

  • Disable "Use MacOS blur effect"

    1. Go to Droptop settings >> Appearance tab >> Opacity tab

    2. Disable "Use MacOS blur effect"

    • Note: This setting is theme-specific. You may need to re-disable this setting if you switch to another theme.

Problem: Droptop is slow when scrolling toolbars.

  • Disable submenu and/or all icons

    1. Open Droptop settings

    2. In the "Appearance" tab, select the "More" tab.

    3. Enable "Hide icons in submenus" and/or "Hide all menu icons"

My music & videos aren't showing up in the Volume app

Problem: Not displaying song title & artist in the Volume app

Solution: Try...

  • Make sure that the correct media player is selected in the Volume app

    1. Click on the Volume app, select "Preferred media player"

    2. Select the application that you want to use for media playback

  • MusicBee isn't working

    1. If you use MusicBee as your media player, click on the Volume app, select "Preferred media player"

    2. Select the "Other" option

    3. In MusicBee, go to Edit >> Edit Preferences >> "Plugins" tab

    4. Under "CD Art Display" select "Enable"

    5. Check the box "Launch on startup"

    6. Press the "Apply" button

    • You may need to restart MusicBee and/or Rainmeter to confirm changes


Experimental DPI Mode is interfering with my other skins

Problem: Experimental DPI Mode rearranging other skins


  • Disable "Experimental High DPI Mode" and enable "High DPI Scaling Override"

    1. Disable Experimental DPI Mode in Droptop settings >> Options >> More

    2. After Rainmeter restarts, go back to Droptop settings >> Options >> More

    3. Enable "Fix space with High DPI"

    4. Follow the tutorial to enable High DPI Scaling Override here.

    5. When finished, exit and re-open Rainmeter.

    6. You should now have the same effect as with Experimental High DPI Mode but without the negative effect of having to rearrange your other skins


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